Mastering is the technical and creative act of enhancing, equalizing and balancing, analog or digital sources to achieve maximum musicality and competitiveness in the marketplace. A mastering studio must be both extremely creative and technically perfect, since the master is the template for thousands of CDs and DVDs produced for commercial release. Mastering can make your CD sound complete and ready for production; better, with equalization and dynamics changes; cohesive in terms of level and equalization and make something that sounded ´OK´, sound extraordinary.

We can give your recording greater cohesion, better timing, more clarity, air, depth, warmth, punch, power, or whatever your material may require with a fresh, skilled set of ears listening through the ultimate monitoring system. We use state-of-the-art digital & analog equipment to refine and polish your mixes, to create an album with a consistent feel in terms of level, tonal balance and musicality. Whether it is rock, pop, jazz or ethnic, we can give you the sound you are looking for using the latest mastering techniques.


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